As far as I can remember, these are some of the schools that many of us attended before moving on to "ole Wayne High"

Herewith is their present status:


Wayne Memorial High School


The "old alma mater"


3001 Fourth Street, Wayne:

Lots of changes made, but still the same old school.  It has been modernized and added on to, and doesn't look the same on the inside, but it's still WMHS.


Westside Junior High School

3712 Williams Street, Wayne:


After serving for many years as Westside Junior High School (previously an earlier Wayne High School), it then became the Wayne-Westland Board of Education Main Offices.  When their new facility was built, the building sat empty for some years, and was finally torn down and a Korean-American Senior Citizens living center was built on the property.


Southside Junior High School

33415 Myrtle, Wayne:


Now the site of the Wayne-Westland School District Bus Transportation facility


Northside Junior High School

3101 Fourth Street, Wayne:

This was what we knew as the "Annex", which was out back of the high school, and as I recall, was where the shop classes were (you remember, the guys with pocket protectors and pockets filled with pens, pencils, compass, slide rules, etc)

For a few years, this building housed Northside Junior High School.  Don't know if any of our classmates ever attended it when it was called that.


Adams Junior High School

33475 Palmer Road, Westland (formerly Nankin Township):

Have received messages from some of our classmates who attended Adams, some as elementary students, who were sent here when it was being built, to relieve overcrowding in other elementary schools.  This would have been in the late 1950's (1957-1959).

It is now undergoing a MAJOR renovation and doesn't look at all like it used to look.

(I thought that the "Porta John" was a nice touch).


Benjamin Franklin Junior High School

(Circa 1957)

35555 Annapolis, Wayne, Michigan

Still in operation.  Home of the "Hornets".  Was informed that some of our classmates attended Franklin before moving on to Wayne High.


Cady Elementary

(Circa 1957)

121 North Wayne Road, Westland (formerly Nankin Township):


Torn down and a Standard Federal branch bank built on the site.

Read somewhere that the land for the school was donated by the Cady Family, probably in the late 1800's, for a school site.  Don't imagine that they tried to contact the Cady Family to ask if they wanted the land back.


Cleveland Elementary

34300 Palmer Road, Nankin Township:

This was the 3rd of the Nor-Wayne Elementary Schools, along with Lincoln and Jefferson.  It sat at the corner of Wildwood and Palmer Road.  It's gone, and in it's place is a Nature Center named "Sassafras Trail".

NOTE:  The following is courtesy of Richard L. Story Sr., WMHS Class of 1971

Cleveland School was built at Willow Run as an Infirmary, for the workers at the Bomber Plant, during World War II.

In 1949 the Wayne School District purchased the building and had it moved to Palmer and Wildwood to be used as a school.  It was moved in June 1949 and opened as a school on November 10, 1949.  Total cost was $63.000.00.

In March, 1976, the building was being used as a warehouse by the Wane-Westland School District and an arson fire destroyed the building.  



Hoover Elementary

5400 Fourth Street, Wayne:

Still in operation


Jackson Elementary

4426 South Venoy, Wayne:

Now being used as Administrative Offices for the Oakwood Hospital System, of which Annapolis Hospital became a part of some years ago.  Building renovated, but still retains the look of the old school.


Jefferson Elementary  -  NorWayne

32150 Dorsey, Westdland (formerly Nankin Township):

This school is still in operation, has been renovated, and is now named Jefferson-Barns Elementary.  Painted up in a lot of "Primary Colors", quite colorful


Lincoln Elementary - NorWayne

33800 Grand Traverse, Westland (formerly Nankin Township):

This school is also still in operation, has been renovated, and is still named Lincoln Elementary.  Also painted up in a lot of "Primary Colors", and also quite colorful.  Get a load of those fancy autos in the parking lot !!!!  Must have been taken on "Cruise Night".


James Madison Elementary

(Circa 1957)

1075 Carlson, Westland (formerly Nankin Township):

Still in operation


Horace Mann Elementary

(Circa 1957)

4150 Hubbard (Corner of Hubard & Forest), Wayne:

Sold, last known use was as a Bible School


Monroe Elementary

5021 Biddle, Wayne:


 Torn down recently, and going up in it's place are new homes, named "Monroe Commons", 26 new homes starting in the $175.000 price range.


Norris Elementary

31627 Palmer Road, Nankin Township:


In it's place is a Westland Fire Department Fire Station and a large number of "condos"

April 8, 2005

As a slight correction to the information for Norris Elementary School, the
Fire Department was built-around 1970- on property (west of Northgate) that
was not owned by Norris School. The school was torn down in 1995, and condos
built around 2or 3 years ago.



Patchen Elementary

6420 North Newburg Road, Nankin Township


Still in use

The Michigan Historic Site marker in front of the school states:


"In 1829, the Abel Patchin family migrated from New York State to Nankin Township and purchased eighty acres of land. Soon after, the Patchins erected a log school on the southwest corner of present-day Warren and Newburg Roads. In 1837, the year Michigan entered the Union, it became the Nankin Township District No. 3 School.   Abel Patchin held many public offices including Justice of the Peace, Highway Commissioner and Director of the School Board. Three schools were subsequently built on the site of the present school.   Although not located on Patchin land, they were each known as Patchin or Patchen School.   In 1946 the original portion of the present school was constructed.   In 1957 the district was annexed by the Wayne Community School District."


Roosevelt Elementary

3824 Sophia, Wayne

Circa 1910


This was one of the "original" Wayne High Schools, built when the first school burned to the ground in the late 1800's or early 1900's.

A new school with the same name "Roosevelt" is still in operation as an Elementary School, and now connected to the McGrath Center for Special Education

It is located at:  36075 Currier, Wayne



Albert Schweitzer Elementary

(Circa 1957)

2601 Treadwell, Westland (formerly Nankin Township

Still in operation


Sheldon Elementary

(Circa 1957)

45081 Geddes, Canton Township


William Howard Taft Elementary

(Circa 1957)

4025 Gloria, Wayne

Still in operation, presently undergoing a major renovation


Walker Elementary

39932 Michigan Avenue, Canton Township:


Originally known as Walker School, it is now known as Walker-Winter Elementary, and is still being operated as a part of the Wayne-Westland School District.   

The name Winter was added to honor Francis "Bud" Winter, former Principal at Wayne Memorial and member of the Wayne-Westland Community School Board.  Mr. Winter also "served time" at Monroe Elementary and Benjamin Franklin Junior High School in Wayne.


Washington Elementary


35026 Glenwood, Nankin Township:


Torn down to make way for a shopping plaza named Washington Center


Woodrow Wilson Elementary

(Circa 1957)

1225 Wildwood, Westland (formerly Nankin Township):

According to an unidentified schoolmate, in an e-mail message, this school was torn down in the past few years and is now the site of condos.


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